Irvine Spectrum Outdoor Skating Rink During the Holiday Season! Picture Credit: Irvine Spectrum Center Website

Irvine Spectrum Outdoor Skating Rink During the Holiday Season! Picture Credit: Irvine Spectrum Center Website

Well the holiday season is officially in full bloom! We are 12 Days away from Christmas and a few weeks away from a new year! 2017 sure has flown by! But let’s take some time to enjoy the holiday season and all the festivities this time of year bring! Also don’t forget to stop and smell the roses and just enjoy some time with your loved ones! There are plenty of fun holiday activities to go to right now! But one that we just love doing year after year is ice skating! While yes, you can skate at indoor ice skating rinks year round, The Anaheim Ice Rink being one of the best spots for open skating or lessons, today we want to remind you to go festive ice skating. The Irvine Spectrum puts on a really incredibly outdoor ice skating rink year after year.  And you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy it!

The outdoor skating rink is right by the Giant Wheel and the Hello Kitty Cafe (a fave of ours, or mine)  just giving you some landmarks so you can easily find it! The outdoor skating fun will run up until January 07, 2017; so if you haven’t yet gone you still have some time to check it out.

Thursdays are themed skating days, from 6:00pm-8:30pm show up in theme and receive $5.00 off the ticket price! Also there is DJ music, prizes, and entertainment. The themes are really fun and festive; examples of some past ones are Ugly Sweater, Crazy Christmas Hats! And there is still a few weeks left so don’t miss out on some of the upcoming themes like Jingle Bells & Santa’s Helpers, New Years Sparkle, or Thursday Night Football! For up to date information you can always check out the website!


Runs until January 07, 2017


$20.00/ person; rental included

$18.00/ bring your own skates

$16.00/ toddlers


For more information on specific dates, hours and details please visit:


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